One shocking fact about business phone calls

Alex Sambvani
1 min readApr 30, 2022

Everyone knows that calling a business is frustrating.

You get long wait times and complex phone trees and often go straight to voicemail. My start-up’s mission is to fix this broken experience — we want to make calling a business a delightful experience using AI.

So, I spend A LOT of time thinking about phone calls. One fact that might be shocking to folks who don’t spend as much time on this stuff as I do is that most businesses handle phone calls the same way companies did a century ago.

Let me explain.

While big businesses have automated phone experiences (and let’s be honest, they suck) — medium and smaller enterprises, who represent 99% of businesses in the US according to the SBA, don’t have a technology solution to streamline their phone calls.

We now have websites, mobile apps, and chat-based experiences — and yet the phone is still a massive channel for businesses. Shockingly, the experience of calling a company has remained entirely unchanged for most businesses (and callers). is here to change that. We’re entirely reimagining the caller journey using AI, transforming it into a personalized, efficient, and delightful experience for all. For the first time ever, businesses can implement AI with our easy-to-use interface.

Soon, you may encounter a new type of phone experience when you call a business you love. Stay tuned!

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