Curious about therapy but haven’t tried it yet? Here’s something that might convince you to start.

Alex Sambvani
2 min readMay 8, 2022

Do you think your relationships are as good as they could be?

If the answer is no, or maybe, then you should try therapy. I’ve been going to therapy for over two years and have noticed a real improvement in my relationships. I had a specific realization on this point when talking to one of my best friends a couple of weeks ago. He said, “I don’t need therapy. I have friends to talk to. I have a partner to talk to. They are my therapists.”

I responded with…”NO, they’re not!”

Your friends, your partner, should not be your therapists. Think about it. How much time are you venting or talking about your problems in your relationships? Do you ever think that gets old for the other person?

Therapy gives you the power to change that.

With a therapist, you can get many things off your chest, which reduces the burden on your relationships. This frees up time that you’d spend talking about your problems to talk about things you have in common, support the other in something they’re struggling with, and deepen your relationship in a mutually enjoyable way.

Some people think that talking about their problems brings them closer to friends/partners.

It’s true because being vulnerable can create intimacy. I’m not saying therapy can or should prevent you from talking about what’s on your mind with your friend/partner. I’m just saying that you should consider if your relationships would be better if you spent less time talking about your problems and more time on other things!

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